Jeff Klemens and Joe Phipps at CacaoJeff Klemens and Joe Phipps at CacaoJeff Klemens is a Philadelphia-based biologist who has been involved in teaching and research in the ACG since 1998. He has conducted research in the ACG on seed dispersal and various aspects of forest regeneration. His current work focuses on biologically based design and sustainability. Klemens is one of the founders of InvestigadoresACG (, an organization that supports teaching and research in the ACG and seeks to create linkages between ACG researchers and ACG staff. 

One of the projects Jeff did, examined several aspects of the biology of Quercus oleoides in the tropical dry forest of Guanacaste, Costa Rica. The work can be divided into three major parts: a study of local adaptation to climatic gradients, a study of dispersal, gene flow, and pollenization between Q. oleoides fragments in the ACG, and a study of the role of EM mycorrhizae in the maintenance of monodominance in oak forests. 

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Jeff Klemens, Junio 2001Jeff Klemens, Junio 2001