Description of the Research Program



The parataxonomists who work in the ACG are carrying out an inventory of all species which include: plants, insects, molluscs, and fungi. The inventory is generating information important for the non-damaging use of biodiversity.



One of the kinds of research taking place in the ACG is focused on finding the species of butterfly and moth larvae of the ACG, to find what they are eating and what is eating them. The picture shows researchers with different specimens which have been collected in the field.


The Area de Conservacion Guanacaste is installing a web of automatic meteorological stations, like the one in the photograph, to generate information on the climate of the different and distinct sectors of the Area; in collaboration with the company ASCENSION TECHNOLOGY, Inc. The main objective is to monitor the climate to better understand our surroundings. The information generated by these stations will be available to the researchers and other users in the ACG.
The marine biodiversity is also being investigated in the ACG. The ACG has more than 5km of marine and coastal zone , which contains a vast richness of both species and habitats.

Examples of the Species Home Pages that are found in the ACG


Facilities for researchers in the Tropical Dry Forest Research Center and the Biological Stations


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