The National System of Conservation Areas (SINAC) of the Ministry ofEnvironment and Energy (MINAE) of Costa Rica, is a new system and in theprocess of development for the management, administration and executionof the principal challenges that are authorized by the Organic EnvironmentalLaw, the Forestry Law, The Wildlife Law, and the National Park Law. SINACbegan in the congregation of the three subdirectories that used to functionseparately: The National Park, Wildlife and Forestry Directories, whichtoday function as one regional administrative unit, or Conservation Areas.

The model looks for the decentralization of the responsibilities, activitiesand actions that used to be concentrated in the capital of the country,to the increased participation of the regions in the decision making processand the incorporation of the society in these processes.

The country has been divided into 11 Conservation Areas: Guanacaste,Arenal (which is actually divided into 2 sections, Arenal-Tilaran and Arenal-HuetarNorte), Tempisque, Tortuguero, Amistad Caribe, Amistad Pacifico, Osa, PacificoCentral, Cordillera Volcanica Central and Isla del Coco.

Each of the different Conservation Areas is in a different evolutionaryand development stage, adapting its model to the characteristics of theregion where it is located.

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