Agrolandscape Area

Forestry Fomentation Program

The forestry advantage activities, steps taken to get licenses, management plans and incentives to the forestry production, such as the Certificate of Forestry Fertilizer Advancement (CAFA), Certificate of Forest Protection (CPB) and other incentives, are the responsibility of the Fomentation Program. The experience and general information of previous years have been taken advantage of by the Restoration and Silviculture Program with the native species of the dry forest, to promote their use in reforestation plans which are developing in the Agricultural landscape (Agroscape) Area by the Ministry and other national organizations. They also coordinate with private and/or government institutions to standardize the actions and continue in the forestry field in other areas adjacent to the biological resources that are found in the Agrolandscape Area.

In the long term the Program should be oriented to searching for and promoting other activities that intelligently use resources, different to the traditional ones (for example, establishing nurseries and breeding grounds for native species of wildlife biodiversity) and in the establishment of activities, criteria, and promotion of legislation that promotes the appreciation of environmental services that wildland biodiversity and its ecosystems have to offer (ie generating water, stabilizing the climate, carbon fixation, beach management, biological control, etc.)


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