Barleria oenotheroides

Dum. Cours


Masís, A, Perez, D., Chavarría, F., Espinoza, R. and Guadamuz, A. 1998. Barleria oenotheroides (Acanthaceae) Species Page, mayo 24, 1998. Species Home Pages, Area de Conservación Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

I. Identification:

Herb 0.5-1 m tall.


The flower is light yellow. The inflorescence is a terminal raceme.


The fruit is a capsule with two valves.






Various views of the mature and immature fruit


The leaves are simple, opposite and have an entire margin. They are lanceolate. The under surface is tomentose.


View of the infruitescence and leaves

Bark and wood:

Similar species:


II.Geographic distribution:


In Costa Rica:

In the Area de Conservación Guanacaste:

In the tropical premontanene and lowland rainforests.

 Map of macro-habitats of the ACG

III. Natural History:

IV. How to find:

In the El Hacha sector, near the area known as La Guitarra along the Sábalo river.


This project was carried out by the Area de Conservación Guanacaste/CR, with help from INBio/CR, ICBG from the Foggarty center, NIH/USA and NSF/USA. We particularly thank N. Zamora for his verification of the taxonomy of this specie.

Thanks to Kate Beattie for helping with the managment of images and translation of this species page.

Literature cited: