Topography and Terrain Section

For the geographical consolidation of the actual ACG, we have had to develop an ample and systematic effort in the planning, acquisition, ordinance and legal procceses in the buying of lands. Since 1986 the wildland areas that were to be restored grew geographically, splitting from what was until this moment, the Santa Rosa National Park. Direct negotiation is used as as a strategy with the private landowners, after having collected the necessary funds for buying these lands.

Thousands of hectares of lands in different stages of human disturbance have been acquired since then, either by direct buying or by donations, which has permitted the consolidation of a block or geographical unity continuous with the approximately 120,000 ha, in which the three main tropical ecosystems are represented: Cloud Forest, Rain Forest and Dry Forest. Today, the majority of these lands are undergoing the process of natural restoration.

The collection and centralization of cadastral information, the definition, drying up, restating, and lettering of boundaries, as well as the administrative and legal processes regarding the acquisition of lands are a few of the basic activities that this section offers.

Today, we are actively working in coordination with other institutions, taking advantage of the experience and the resources that exist in the country, to establish as a fundamental tool, the management of the Area, a Geographical Information System (GIS), which facilitates the activities and makes decisions for all of the technical programs and the different users of the ACG .


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