Sectors Programs

Sector Pailas

Reaffirming the use of the wildlife area by means of the permanent presence of personnel, infrastructure, and activities in the different sectors of the Conservation Area, establishes the feeling that these areas are not open to the colonization and exploitation of resources and they are not abandoned lands; in fact, they are another productive sector of the country, with activities different to the traditional ones.

To strategically facilitate the administration and operation of the ACG, this has been divided, using geographical and biological criteria in the following sectors: Santa Rosa-Pocosol, Naranjo-Nancite, El Hacha, Pitilla, Orosi, Cacao, San Ramon, Las Pailas, Santa Maria, Junquillal, San Cristobal and Islas Murcielago. Each sector is constantly supervised by the caretaker, who has ample knowledge of the physical-geographic, biologic and cultural characteristics of his area.

The program is exclusively formed by local personnel, in the majority of cases married couples, to which the responsibility of administrating the sector, keeping watch of the rational use of biological resources and infrastructure is assigned. As well as having these direct responsibilities, the program is an infrastructure of services that collaborate and offer support to different users; from collaborating to the researchers, paratoxonomists to taking care of tourists and carrying out watching activities-protection and processing of permits and documents to other programs in the Area.


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