The interest yield of the Patrimonial Fund

A certain quantity of the economic resources resulting from specific donations that have been maintained since 1992 in a bank trusteeship, which we have called Endowment Fund of the ACG. The money in this endowment generates interest or annual yields; which are used to support the administrative cost and the operation of the Area, as well as the recapitalization of the said fund when the level of input make it possible.

The Endowment Fund has permitted the ACG, (a state company) to manage itself with a greater economic independence and with a greater autonomy in making administrative and technical decisions, allowing a greater continuity in the plans and actions that are developed in the short and long term and consolidate, in this manner, a greater stability in the ACG as an institution dedicated to conservation, management, and the search for the use without destruction of biodiversity.

For the management of the Endowment Fund, the Endowment Fund Committee was created, which is composed of the Director of the ACG, the Board of Directors of the National Park Foundation, the Director of SINAC, and the President of the Local Counsel of the ACG. Said Committee watches over the management and supervision of the investments and outputs and to guarantee its safe and continued management in the indefinite future.


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