Human Resources Department

Since its beginnings in 1986 the philosophy of the ACG in relation to human resources has been to permit, promote, and develop in all of its employees the obligation, responsibility, and dedication to the work that has been given to them. We believe that the best supervisor and evaluator of each employee is the work, for which an administrative structure was developed, horizontal in the making of its decisions in the different levels of activity; following, of course, the general lineaments established for each department, section and program; which runs by the philosophy of the ACG. This style of working has permitted the ACG to develop its own identity as an Institution, in which one of its most valuable resources are the people which it counts on.

As a wildland conservation area, we believe that there shouldn't exist strict or inflexible timetables or timetables that are the same for all activities. We are working as a "productive sector" very different from the traditional one, for which working hours have to be established that are far from normal and which respond to the execution of the programmed activities and the necessities which present themselves without previous planning: a forest fire, a researcher, a tourist, a neighbor, a student, etc; should be attended to the moment that it is necessary.

Each of these different workschedules which take place in the ACG respond to different timetables, from the traditional one of monday through friday; to consecutive working hours in days and weeks; without caring if it is Saturday, Sunday, or days off, such as Christmas or Easter.

The Human Resource Department carries out administrative and legal processes (lists, contracts, disabilitites, etc) with respect to the employees and has cross control witht the Programs and Departments, regarding entry and exit of personnel, days off, vacations, etc.

The Department also develops activities that tend to better the capacity of the personnel and procures the optimum results of the work they accomplish, in a manner that allows all of the ACG objectives to be completed.


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