Program of Prevention and Control of Forest Fires

Forest Fire Fighter


The prime objective of the program of Forest fire Prevention and Control is to prevent forest fires in the dry forest sector of the ACG (close to 80,000 ha), fires which, in the six months of the dry season running from November to May, are always either directly or indirectly man made. (There are no natural fires in Costa Rica). During dozens of years, the forests which today occupy the dry sector of the Area, were converted into pastures for cattle ranching, in which jaragua grass prospered (being introduced to the country from Africa), and in land used for agriculture. Today, counting on a Program which reduces the negative impact of fires with fast and efficient control, hundreds of hectares of these old pastures or deforested sites are giving way to thousands of new trees which are beginning to form what is truly the dry forest.


 To achieve this objective, diverse activities take place:

Today, thanks to these efforts, the dry forest of the ACG is on its way to restoring itself and therefore to strengthening the ecosystem of the tropical dry forest, complete, stable and healthy.


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