Control and Protection Program


Guaranteeing and assuring the completion of the existing Laws and Regulations in the National Legislation as much in the Area de Conservación Guanacaste as in the Agrolandscape Area, it is the principal reason of existence for the Control and Protection Program. The supervision of the forestry management plans, authorization of licenses, prevention and control of hunting, tree felling, illegal fishing, monitoring sawing, nurseries, breeding grounds and any other activity which goes against the established legal arrangements authorized by MINAE; are just some of its responsibilities.

All of the infractions and offenses committed are presented before the Judicial Authorities before the sentences are given out. Control activities are developed on the biological resource, in coordination with different institutions, some of them being the: Rural Guard, National Guard, Agrarian Development Institute (IDA), etc.

The coordination and interchanging of information and experiences with other programs in the Area and the search for continued improvement favors, in the short term, the shaping of a Program which is highly specialized, not simply policing activities, but more a group of employees capable of settling any irregular situation that comes up, be it in the ACG or in the Agrolandscape Area; to respond to permissions, licenses and consultations in a rapid and effective manner, at the same time orienting the resource users and the general public to the aspects related to its legislation and application.


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