Accounting and Finances Department

Its function is to take charge of all of the financial and countable business of the Area, among them the control and continuation of the annual budget, control and following the service and rights tariffs which are offered to the different users in the ACG, support and supervision in budgetary matters concerning researchers, analysis and consultation to the Directors in the financial and spending policies, advising the programs, sections and departments in their administrative and financial management for an efficient and quick execution of activities, as well as reasonal spending of the budget, etc.

The payment of the employees and the operational budget of the ACG comes totally from the economic yield generated by the Endowment Fund, as well as donationas and other earnings from services that are generated at the present moment in time. A percentage of the output and in some cases of the annual budget (savings) are returned to the Endowment Fund for their recapitalization, the remaining percentage is distributed in each of the programs, departments, and sections depending on what was established in the annual planning of their activities.

The department works under the philosophy of being easy to deal with and friendly to all of its users, for which it has developed an integrated accounting system based on the experience of the needs of the ACG, which permits it to have a daily control and access and to update the budgets of each program, section, or department, according to the legal lineament established, which facilitates the making of decisions, rapid, and efficient in everyday work.

It is the means of directly tying into the ACG the investin activities and the management of the economic resources with the other financial entities (banks), NGO's, MINAE, and other institutions with which we are financially related.


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