Administration Sector of the Research Center
Biological Stations

Conference Room of the Research Center. Vertebrate Parasites Course, February, 1996.

The primary function consists in facilitating and providing logistic support, in the form of rooms and equipment (fax, telephone, photocopier, laundry rooms, etc) so that the work of the researchers, courses or organizational groups from different universities that visit the ACG, is done in the most efficient manner possible.

This section coordinates the reservations of rooms and meals that are necessary in the Tropical Dry Forest Research Center and the four main biological stations: Pitilla, Cacao, Maritza and Nancite.

Currently, another service offered by the Area, is the logistical and technical organization of courses for groups, whether they are nationals or internationals who wish to visit the ACG. The principal objective of these courses is to impart relevant and up to date information about our experiences as a pilot Conservation Area in the new administration model and management of biodiversity. To make sure this occurs, activities are organized which include talks or presentations with fieldwork, on themes such as: history of the development of the ACG, biological education, natural restoration in the dry forest, new uses of biodiversity, control of forest fires, ecotourism, research, etc.

The Research Center and the Biological Stations have the responsibility of administrating and managing the Information and Documentation Center, where they collect, compile, and put forth the different biological information, such as books, research results, and the administrative information of the Area, such as plans of operation, articles, briefs, etc, in conjunction with audiovisual material on different themes.

Ecotourism Program


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